Leaktite #050- 5qt Metal Pail Liner


Metal Pail  2-1/2Qt. #2-1/2   

Handy, lightweight and built to last

Double ribbed for extra strength.

Look for ears that are welded for strength

Ideal as a nest for disposable #5TI Paper Bucket

Great for trim and hobby work

Top: 7-1/8, Bottom: 5-7/8, Deep: 4-5/8


Metal Pail 5QT. #5 

Double ribbed for extra strength

Perfect size for hundreds of household uses

Rust resistant, permanently embossed in pints and quarts for accurate measures

Use as a nest for disposable #050 plastic liner

Excellent high volume turnover

Top: 8-3/16, Bottom: 7-3/8, Deep: 6-7/16


Pot Liner #050

This solvent resistant plastic pail liner fits securely in the 5 Qt. Metal Pail

Featuring Thermoformed construction, this liner keeps project clean-up time to a minimum

For use with all types of paint

Priced to be a disposable product



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ITEM # 35055
MFG # 534
DESCRIPTION #050 5QT Metal Pail Liner
PKG 100
UPC CODE 084305350558

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